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Charitable Motorbike Rallies

If you experience an annual winter season complete with the white, fluffy stuff then now is the season for motorcycles to emerge from garages to meet the pavement for another fun packed summer of touring. It’s also the open season for multitudes of charitable organizations to host their local motorcycle rallies as fund raisers. If […]

Midlife Crisis – Fact, Fiction Or Fate

Wikipedia defines midlife crisis as “a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle aged individuals.” Why do some people exhibit this behavior and others are seemingly unaffected? Apparently personality type and a history of psychological crisis are believed to predispose some individuals to it and can affect men and women differently because their stressors differ. […]

Welcome to the LiveLifeAfterFifty blog

Hello there. My name is John Folkes and my goal is to help you make the most of your senior years. My reasons for creating the Living Life After Fifty blog are many fold. Like so many others in our fifties or later I find myself looking for ways to make the best use of […]