Crushing It Every Day Of Your Life

Physical Fitness For The Not So Young

As we grow older, having an active lifestyle is even more important. Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain our independence, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Some studies have shown that exercise can even reverse some symptoms of aging. While great for our body, it’s also good for our mind, mood, and memory. […]

The Law of Diminishing Cognitive Returns

The aging process can create various challenges for us.  As we age, we move slower, talk slower and our memory begins to fail.  This is especially the case for the short-term form of memory ability so crucial for learning new things. Technology reveals aging can cause the brain to shrink. Nerve tracts in the brain shrivel, making […]

Getting Outta Dodge

Society is so fast paced these days that just fulfilling your daily/weekly duties with the same regularity can soon become tedious.  Even in retirement the repetitious can be tiring. Once in awhile you just gotta get Outta Dodge for a spell. No boundaries here. This could mean anything from date-nights with your spouse to extravagant vacations and […]