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Charitable Motorbike Rallies

If you experience an annual winter season complete with the white, fluffy stuff then now is the season for motorcycles to emerge from garages to meet the pavement for another fun packed summer of touring. It’s also the open season for multitudes of charitable organizations to host their local motorcycle rallies as fund raisers. If you are not a rider or interested observer you can still be a sponsor. There are no lack of riders looking for your support.
My home is in the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, Alberta and I relish the time we have available as a riding season. Six months is usually all you’re gonna get if you want to avoid gravel and unsuspecting motorists in January.  June, July and August are prime time for the various rallies and every one of them promotes a very worthy cause. Prostate cancer, blindness, veteran groups, Children’s Toy ride, various First Responder groups and more vie for your charitable buck and the opportunity to meet, have fun and work together for their cause.
I personally attend the annual ride for The Motorcycle Ride for Dad Supporting Prostate Cancer Research.
RFD Logo
As with most rallies of this nature, the attendees are numerous, enthusiastic, friendly and ready to have some fun.
 It is quite the site to view let alone ride in a large motorbike parade with many hundreds of bikes stretching for huge distances, choreographed by the local police detachment for traffic control. Although the organizers for the MRFD have not yet posted the proceeds there were easily in excess of 400 motorcycles in attendance for the ride. And that can be small potatoes compared to some other organized rides especially across the border in the U.S..
Bike Rally Parade
The benefits to be had can include but are not limited to improved physical, mental and spiritual health for you, your co-riders, sponsors as well as the victims of Prostate cancer. And of course there is comraderie, fun and fresh air for all.
Police escort
Have you ever participated in a similar rally or would like to? It can be a very uplifting and supportive experience. Please let me know if you have an experience you’d like to share or to simply leave a comment or suggestion. Your photos would also be welcome.
Til next week.
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