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The Magic of Music – Is Music Part Of Your Life?

MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE and is unlimited in its originality, style and genre.  It’s difficult to imagine the quiet that would have existed hundreds of years ago. Except for traveling bands, live orchestra and picking up your own instrument it would have been pretty difficult to enjoy the beauty of music. Most musical instruments date back centuries. Even electric guitar, keyboards and drums have their origins well in the past.


One of the benefits of music is that you can select your level of engagement from passive listener to casual performer to song writer and composer. 
To release yourself to a favorite tune and escape into the world the words and melodies create is a fantastic way to release stress and unwind.
The explosion in audio and video technology in recent decades has made music available to us on so many platforms. DVDs are the current physical medium of choice with vinyl making a significant comeback. The internet has provided live streaming of radio and satellite stations to our mobile devices and computers and music videos have been a huge success since their inception in the early 80s.
Music delivery

Music delivery

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a very fun and rewarding experience for persons of all ages.  It is proven to help sharpen your mind and maintain dexterity in whatever body parts are employed to create your own sound.  Although the time requirement can be an issue while actively employed retirement offers the freedom to focus more on your musical goals. 
I shocked myself by taking up the flute four years ago. The electric and acoustic guitars were soon to follow. Recently I started learning the harmonica. Last week I had my first opportunity to play with other musicians in a rehearsal studio environment. It was a tremendous experience I hope to repeat in the future.
Lead live!

Lead live!

Writing music is a talent I have not attained – yet. But eventually if you play long enough you’re going to end up creating something and in time something good. Once you become well acquainted with your instrument nice things start to happen. And they are all a wonderful reflection of you – from the inside.
The written form

The written form

For many of us just listening to our favourite tune is enough. And that is just A-OK. You are still supporting a great cause. 
If listening is not enough for you or you feel a pull towards a particular musical instrument or a calling then perhaps now it’s your time to share it with the world.
How important is music to your life and what part do you play in the process-including just appreciating it for it’s beauty?
I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. Please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.
Keep living your life, friend.


I am Canadian and married to a lovely wife for 28 years with two step daughters that I adore. My wife and I are recently retired and are appreciating the time afforded to us to pursue our interests. This blog will hopefully help you and us to discover new opportunities and generate some lively discussion of the topic of enjoying your senior years. Welcome aboard and please sign up for my weekly blog and newsletter. -Enjoy life John

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