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Getting Outta Dodge

Society is so fast paced these days that just fulfilling your daily/weekly duties with the same regularity can soon become tedious.  Even in retirement the repetitious can be tiring. Once in awhile you just gotta get Outta Dodge for a spell. No boundaries here. This could mean anything from date-nights with your spouse to extravagant vacations and retreats. There are really only three essential criteria to this:
  1. Getting physically away from your normal environment 
  2. Swapping your daily routine for something completely different.
  3. Letting yourself meld into this new world even if only for a short while.
In 2009 myself and some old friends from high school who still keep somewhat in touch decided to do our own version of the motorcycle road trip depicted in the movie Wild Hogs. Although my three other friends have been riding bikes for many years I was just getting re-acquainted again after a long hiatus from riding.
The four of us are all from different provinces and cities so just arriving at a common starting point was a challenge and a good chunk of the total bike ride. The success of the event is evident in the recent completion of our 8th annual ride with full attendance every year since its inception in 2009. The past few years have been very challenging for everyone involved including the wives that support us and our crazy male bonding rituals. Our ride conforms to the criteria mentioned above and then some. The sense of release, camaraderie and man vs. machine is exhilarating and something we look forward to every summer.
Years ago, my wife and I found ourselves falling victim to the stay-cation demon. If you stay in town you’ll be tempted to work even if you are officially on vacation time. Since this revelation we have started taking at least one getaway vacation each year. Now we both are quite comfortable on the beaches of Mexico, Hawaii, etc with little or no interaction with home while we are away. We even dabble in Spanish when given the chance. 
It’s important to be alone with your thoughts in a inspirational setting. That’s why we were each given a navel to ponder.
 Take care of your mind and you’re halfway to a life after fifty that is as fulfilling and compelling as you’d like it to be.
brain split
Please share your thoughts and feelings. Questions too will be responded to promptly.
Til next week.
Keep living your life, friend.


I am Canadian and married to a lovely wife for 28 years with two step daughters that I adore. My wife and I are recently retired and are appreciating the time afforded to us to pursue our interests. This blog will hopefully help you and us to discover new opportunities and generate some lively discussion of the topic of enjoying your senior years. Welcome aboard and please sign up for my weekly blog and newsletter. -Enjoy life John

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