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Giving Back To The Community

Hello there and welcome to the Live Life After Fifty blog.
We of the Baby Boomer age group have been extremely fortunate. We’ve seen the musical revolution of the 50-60s-70s, been through the invention of the computer to the proliferation of the Internet. We have also lived through the most prosperous times in modern history. Now that the pace of our lives is slowing down a bit perhaps it is time for some payback to society and the communities that have helped us along the way.
Giving back to your community touches so many people’s lives including your own.  Many persons, groups, agencies and support systems are out there in desperate need of assistance.
And there are so many ways to contribute:
  • A simple act of kindness
  • Small monetary donations
  • Philanthropy
  • Food donations
  • Clothing donations
  • Household goods donations
  • Hair donations for wigs for cancer patients
  • Volunteering your time and skills offers unlimited opportunities for fun and learning
  • and many more

A search online can yield lots of other opportunities to contribute in your community.

If you’re looking for a local volunteer activity or group to join, there is a cool online volunteer matching service called VolunteerMatch that can match you directly with volunteer activities in your community.
VolunteerMatch Promo
E.C. LaMeaux’s webpage How to Become a Local Volunteer
offers 4 steps to make a difference in your community
     1: Decide what your passions are
     2: Decide how much time you have to devote to becoming a volunteer
     3: Find a local organization that is a good match for you
     4: Treat your volunteer position as responsibly as you would your paying job
So whether you bake pies for the community fund raiser or are fortunate enough to pack a philanthropic punch get out there and support those who need it and watch it change your life for the better.
Keep living your life, friend.


I am Canadian and married to a lovely wife for 28 years with two step daughters that I adore. My wife and I are recently retired and are appreciating the time afforded to us to pursue our interests. This blog will hopefully help you and us to discover new opportunities and generate some lively discussion of the topic of enjoying your senior years. Welcome aboard and please sign up for my weekly blog and newsletter. -Enjoy life John

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