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Self Exploration and Discovery

Self survival in our hectic world dictates that we take time to relax and reflect. Society places many demands, restrictions and cultural norms on us that are not reflective of our inner needs and desires.
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Traditionally these are to seek a good career, family, nice house, car, etc. This can and should be replaced with what our inner voice tells us is true for us. We need to do some inner searching to find our true selves and what our inner selves want.
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Spirituality can come in many forms not necessarily confined to organized religious groups and teachings. We all have an inner spirit or intuition that can dramatically impact our personal view of life experiences and our surroundings. How we interact with our inner power can strongly influence our lives for the better or worse depending on whether or not we acknowledge its existence.  If we accept this inner consciousness as something legitimate, important, authentic, genuine and true we can work with it to open doors and opportunities for personal growth and healing.
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I recently attended a drum circle ceremony and was quite moved by the sense of unity, purpose and spirituality a room full of strangers could evoke without saying a word. The drumming in unison can create a powerful life force when everyone falls into sync. A somewhat personal experience can be had from giving or receiving a Drum wash. In this a stranger uses the power of their drum beat directed at close range to an individual so the individual can feel the power of the drum beats on their skin over various parts of their body including head, feet and heart.
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Meditation is another very popular way to feel your inner spirit. Singularly or in groups there are many forms of meditation out there and most will help you to relax mentally and physically and achieve a sense of inner peace and tranquility.
A wonderful way to free up your mind and dismiss all that clutter is to bond with nature for a spell. Behold the beautiful scenery. Listen to the wind and feel it on your face. Bask in the sunshine with the sounds of nature all around you. Let your inner self experience the wealth of sensations our natural world has to offer and just breathe…..
Keep living your life, friend.
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