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Physical Fitness For The Not So Young

As we grow older, having an active lifestyle is even more important.

Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain our independence, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Some studies have shown that exercise can even reverse some symptoms of aging.

While great for our body, it’s also good for our mind, mood, and memory. Whether our health is generally good or we are managing an illness, there are many ways to get more active, improve confidence, and boost our fitness level.
Explore different ways to add physical activity to your daily routine:
Household duties, cutting the lawn, gardening, shopping and daily strolls around the block are all good examples of simple ways to keep moving.
When we exercise we reap the benefits so follow some of these tips for staying motivated because there will be days when we just don’t feel like summing up the effort.
  • Keep a journal or log to note any details of our routine and to hold us accountable
  • Exercise safely – start slowly and progress gradually. Always stretch before/after our routine
  • Find a workout buddy or group. Nothing keeps us on the straight and true like peer pressure
  • Take a deeper interest in personal health in general so we are better prepared to appreciate the numerous benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Don’t beat ourselves up if we miss a day or two. We all miss some days. The trick is to always get back at it as a regular part of our daily activities.
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