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Welcome to the LiveLifeAfterFifty blog

Hello there. My name is John Folkes and my goal is to help you make the most of your senior years.

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My reasons for creating the Living Life After Fifty blog are many fold.
Like so many others in our fifties or later I find myself looking for ways to make the best use of my remaining years and to examine how I might fulfill my yet unrealized dreams and ambitions. Creating a platform to share ideas, interests and opinions with others at a similar time in our life cycle seemed a logical step towards realizing that goal.
In the past year I have had the time and opportunity to ‘ponder my navel’ so to speak. Scouring the internet, reading many books on personal betterment and wellness and taking the time for personal reflection have lead me to this venture.
I remember when ...

I remember when …

If you have something important to say or sell, then this is the blog for you.
I plan to post once a week on Tuesdays. I don’t intend this to be a monologue but rather a dialogue. I want you to give me your feedback in the comments section. I will read and respond as I am able.
If you have a topic you want me to address please leave a comment below.
I am looking forward to connecting with you.


I am Canadian and married to a lovely wife for 28 years with two step daughters that I adore. My wife and I are recently retired and are appreciating the time afforded to us to pursue our interests. This blog will hopefully help you and us to discover new opportunities and generate some lively discussion of the topic of enjoying your senior years. Welcome aboard and please sign up for my weekly blog and newsletter. -Enjoy life John

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  1. Cheryl

    Hello John, I will be interested to follow your blog as it develops.

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